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Bâloise Holding AG is a Swiss insurance holding company headquartered in Basel. The company employs approximately 7,300 employees across Europe and is the third largest Swiss all-industry insurance service provider for individuals and businesses.


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Former Employee - Director says

"overload of projects, no focus discrepancy between what management says and does lack of genuine interest in concerns voiced by employees secretive / non transparent (lack of) communication by sr mgt i got fired on the spot without a proper explanation ('you know why') of my direct manager, official reason 'breach of trust' - without a proper case file presented or even a serious attempt to dialogue or restore things."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"poor management lack of strategy development possibilities HR"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Focus on "projects" (every 6 months they come up with new 'ideas' that disappear again without any result and their new electronic mailingsystem that costs a lot of money and doesn't work a bit. High workpressure which causes a lot of stress and burn outs."